Will your Wedding be Memorable for the Right Reasons?

This short-list of catastrophes could have been avoided….courtesy of our Florists, DJ, Photographer and Planner friends: Read and learn!

  • Never got their marriage license
  • Hired a grocery store florist and they were 90 minutes late delivering
  • Never confirmed their Proof of Insurance|Certificate of Liability for the Venue
  • Never considered the travel time from the Hotel to the Venue prior to the wedding
  • Never considered how their personal items were going to get home (back to the hotel; gifts, ceremony items, etc.)
  • Went over their paid contracted time by 2 hours and got upset when the Photographer refused to stay any longer (without a $250 per hour charge)
  • Their caterer ran out of food—Staff and many of their Guests didn’t get dinner
  • There was no Bartender—and then there was no ice (at 90 degrees outside)
  • Dad complained that the line for the Bar looked pretty “Ghetto” after he’d been warned more than once to hire at least 2 bartenders
  • Her heel broke walking down the aisle (she didn’t want to “spend any money” on her shoes—the ones she wore were Vintage)
  • Her best friend did her hair (with no prior trial)
  • Her best friend did her makeup (ditto)
  • Her family member promised to do her Hair and then….changed his mind, deciding she was on her own
  • Her family member took off with the Family’s rented limo
  • Their dogs crapped all over their backyard as they roamed about and there was no one to clean it up throughout the day—although Dad did pitch in. Once.
  • The Bride promised the house would be cleaned. It wasn’t. (yuck!)
  • Not. One. Thing. Started on schedule. Or. Went. As. Planned.

Read enough? Prep2wed. It’s all on you, otherwise….

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