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So you LOVE Peonies. Who doesn’t? BUT, did you know if they’re out of season those dollars will add up fast? Buying flowers out of season in any region of the Country will put a pinch in your budget. So plan smart! Have to have those Peonies, marry at the right time. (Here’s an additional piece of advice: Does your Fiancee have a Golf trip or his College Homecoming the same time every year? Is your Mom and Dad’s 30th Anniversary coming up? Pay attention to the upcoming Calendar year, prior to booking your date). You’re welcome! We love ya!

Janet, Michelle and Zoë

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Wedding Flowers for Every Season

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What it is and What it’s not!

Check out the Newest and Hottest
thing in Wedding Planning


Your LIVE version of a wedding planner binder
Interactive ideas on developing your Wedding Personality”
Step by Step to planning a successful wedding
Tips on how to SAVE money!
Tips on how to BUDGET
Champagne and Dessert Sampling
Hosted by 3 Wedding Professionals


A Bridal Show
We love our vendors and appreciate them very much however there is a time and place for them and this is not the place.

A Sales Pitch to Hire a Wedding Planner
We love planners, heck we are planners but we are NOT here to give you a sales pitch on why you should hire us or anyone. We’re here to walk you through the ENTIRE planning process, answer your questions and give you ALL the planner information
you would need as if you DID hire us!

place setting

We hope you’ll join us!
Your Friends in the Planning Trenches,
Janet, Michelle and Zoë
for Workshop Dates and Venue Locations
(You do not have to get married at any Host location!)
480. 382. 9369

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What’s this all about?

You’re doing what???

We get this question a LOT so here goes some explaining….

There are a small percentage of couples that consider hiring a wedding planner

There is a LARGE percentage that do NOT and that’s where we come in to help.

Prep2wed offers those brides/couples an affordable option to streamline

the wedding planning process

We are a walking, talking version of a wedding binder

with an interactive workshop for couples to ask questions

bounce ideas and basically bring their wedding binder to life!

We GIVE them a functional BUDGET worksheet to keep them on track

We GIVE couples the questions to ask vendors during the interview process

We GIVE them the reality of  PINTEREST and DIY projects

We GIVE them the tools to create a realistic timeline come wedding day

We GIVE them what they need to make their day as seamless and stress free as possible

That is what Prep2wed is all about…won’t you join us and help spread the word?

*photo courtesy of Cyndi Hardy Photography

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Planning a Wedding.…one of Life’s Biggest Expenditure!

Planning a Wedding is one of Life’s Biggest Expenditures…

We all know the research that goes into buying a house, a new car, a motorcycle, a horse, a boat or heck, even a diamond ring…

And yet, what about the learning curve and research that should go along with planning, making and paying for a wedding;

one of the biggest expenditures you’ll make as a couple?

wedding planning

Head scratch.

Any one can hire a DJ or a photographer.

That’s doable…the puzzle, the process, where the difficulty comes in,

is with regard to budgeting and putting all those pieces together; vendors and otherwise.

Here’s a test: Let’s take the universe of venues and options and whittle that down….(in Phoenix that 600+ options)…

That process in and of itself, could be enough to turn anyone off (of) wedding planning, but that’s just the start of hiring and just some of the research you need to do; so let’s say, now that you’ve done that, answer these questions:

How many Guests did you guarantee for?

Did you get vegetarian/gluten-free and/or diabetic meals and pricing?

Did you negotiate kids’ meal pricing?

Did you negotiate the pricing for your vendors meals?

Does your p/person cost include gratuity?

Does your p/person cost include appetizers?


OK….right…STOP. Because. WHAT? 

See, these are just a few of the questions you should be asking of your venue/catering manager and that you need to understand.

We suggest learning all you can about HOW the process works and which steps should come and in which order. Do the same research you’d do if you were buying a car…and we can help:

In one 4-hour session, in a fun and educative environment,

we can help you keep mistakes at a minimum

and teach you all you need to know about how to move forward in planning your big day!

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