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Why Prep2wed and how it came to be…

It’s the Missing Piece!

Each of us have been in the industry for years; we each have our own companies and over those years our paths crossed many times. We became friends, meeting occasionally to discuss business, marketing and strategies (and to drink wine). Though we are considered competitors we’ve never felt that between us. We help each other when needed and appreciate each other’s individual strengths and values.

As we'd always talked and joked about joining forces, we weren’t quite sure how to accomplish that without giving up our individual businesses. Michelle had an idea buzzing around in her head called "Plan your Wedding by Night" back in May of 2012, and it was on from there....numerous conversations ensued over the course of another year and we finally came up with the concept of Prep2wed. We knew we'd found the missing piece of the puzzle! The majority of engaged couples don’t use a planner for one reason or another; the problem with that is, they don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to planning such an extravagant celebration.

Prep2wed bridges the gap between couples, wedding magazines, blogs and social media. We believe you can actually enjoy the day and the planning process as well.