2 Dads and 1 Bride…

Everyone knows that Weddings can bring family drama to the forefront; but never fear!

Take your Day to the next level by coming from a place of love…for everyone.

2 Dads walking their Daughter down the aisle, shares that loving vibe that everyone will respond to.

 It can be the healing touch that a lot of families need and isn’t that a beautiful thing?

It’ll be just one more reason that it’s a very special day.

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Fun and Games…

Keeping your Reception moving is a big deal…

When the action stops and starts, the fun can typically do the same.

Adults get to have a great time and access their inner child when they’re at weddings! Make yours fun with lawn games, photo booths and even glow sticks; they make people smile and isn’t that what the day’s all about?

Woot. Woot!

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The “P” word….why it will get you every time

Here are 4 of the biggest procrastination problems for Brides and Grooms:

Choosing the Wedding Music

Getting the Marriage License

Completing their Seating Chart

and writing their Marriage Vows

Brides and grooms have to make a ton of decisions during the planning process. It’s seemingly never ending! But it will end; the question is, will you be working until 11pm the night before your big day, when you should be sipping champers and giggling with your Besties, or will you be zombie tired and stressed?

It’s your choice!

                 Don’t Procrastinate!

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Classic Car Get-Away?

Whether you decide to ride off in a ’70s Camaro Convertible or a ’35 Rolls Royce

driving away in style is always Wedding-Photo Gold!

“Make each moment count. Spend the time; now, in the planning process to make your day unique for two.”  ~Z. Hancock


   #LoveLearnPlan       #Prep2wed

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Delectable Desert ideas for your Day….

To Cake or not to Cake. That can be a question!

Some Couples choose this

and others choose this; a Donut Bar…!

The point is: It’s your day, do what you’d like. There are no hard and fast rules around what deserts you should serve and/or why. Perhaps you’ll cut a small cake that’s just for the two of you (and those traditional photographs), and then you’ll serve any other types of deserts under the Sun. Whichever you choose; have fun with it and don’t be stuck by tradition. It’s your day!

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