What’s this all about?

You’re doing what???

We get this question a LOT so here goes some explaining….

There are a small percentage of couples that consider hiring a wedding planner

There is a LARGE percentage that do NOT and that’s where we come in to help.

Prep2wed offers those brides/couples an affordable option to streamline

the wedding planning process

We are a walking, talking version of a wedding binder

with an interactive workshop for couples to ask questions

bounce ideas and basically bring their wedding binder to life!

We GIVE them a functional BUDGET worksheet to keep them on track

We GIVE couples the questions to ask vendors during the interview process

We GIVE them the reality of  PINTEREST and DIY projects

We GIVE them the tools to create a realistic timeline come wedding day

We GIVE them what they need to make their day as seamless and stress free as possible

That is what Prep2wed is all about…won’t you join us and help spread the word?

*photo courtesy of Cyndi Hardy Photography

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