Engaged? What’s Your Next Step…


So you’re engaged. Awesomesauce (to use the vernacular)…

You want a Wedding Planner or maybe you just presumed you couldn’t afford one. It’s true; we’re not cheap (well, at least the really good ones aren’t). So what do you do; what can you do?

Spend 4-hours in a Prep2wed Workshop and get up to speed, that’s what! Girls just wanna’ have fun and we’re no exception; our presentation, our rooms at various Wedding Venues and our information will blow your mind! For 1 fee, you’ll get all the help you could need from 3-World Class Wedding Planners (a Three-Fer), and if you still want to work with one of us after the fact, you can through our Virtual Planning Service), which is also a super affordable option.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Don’t go it alone.

Don’t depend on a website or a book. We’re here for you! And whatever you do, don’t run out and start hiring people. Take your time; it’s a process. (We provide vetted event professionals as well, with your take-home items)…

Workshops start January 20. There’s another on January 30 and February 9th. Three great Wedding Venues (if you haven’t chosen one yet); just choose the location that’s closest to you. You may find the Venue of your dreams.

Email us learn@prep2wed.com

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