The Top 10 Reasons you’re going to LUV-LUV-LUV Prep2wed workshops!

10. Not a Bridal show

9. You enjoy a really pretty room for 4 hours (plus, you’ll touch, see, hear, smell and taste)

8. Tour with an amazing Venue Representative

7. Interactive with Q & A

6. Champagne and Snacks (because every Girl has a need)

5. Gifts for you (no further explanation needed)

4. Design, Décor and Color ideas for days and days, just at your fingertips

3. 3 wedding planners at your disposal

2. Girl time! Talking about weddings is really fun – especially when it’s yours!

And the #1 Reason you’ll LUV this workshop?

The cost; you can’t have this much fun and get this much information for less

Registration is open for our January 20 and January 30 Workshops

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Will your Wedding be Memorable for the Right Reasons?

This short-list of catastrophes could have been avoided….courtesy of our Florists, DJ, Photographer and Planner friends: Read and learn!

  • Never got their marriage license
  • Hired a grocery store florist and they were 90 minutes late delivering
  • Never confirmed their Proof of Insurance|Certificate of Liability for the Venue
  • Never considered the travel time from the Hotel to the Venue prior to the wedding
  • Never considered how their personal items were going to get home (back to the hotel; gifts, ceremony items, etc.)
  • Went over their paid contracted time by 2 hours and got upset when the Photographer refused to stay any longer (without a $250 per hour charge)
  • Their caterer ran out of food—Staff and many of their Guests didn’t get dinner
  • There was no Bartender—and then there was no ice (at 90 degrees outside)
  • Dad complained that the line for the Bar looked pretty “Ghetto” after he’d been warned more than once to hire at least 2 bartenders
  • Her heel broke walking down the aisle (she didn’t want to “spend any money” on her shoes—the ones she wore were Vintage)
  • Her best friend did her hair (with no prior trial)
  • Her best friend did her makeup (ditto)
  • Her family member promised to do her Hair and then….changed his mind, deciding she was on her own
  • Her family member took off with the Family’s rented limo
  • Their dogs crapped all over their backyard as they roamed about and there was no one to clean it up throughout the day—although Dad did pitch in. Once.
  • The Bride promised the house would be cleaned. It wasn’t. (yuck!)
  • Not. One. Thing. Started on schedule. Or. Went. As. Planned.

Read enough? Prep2wed. It’s all on you, otherwise….

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Why Prep2wed you ask?

Your Groom’s attentive and pensive and your Father and he have had “the talk” and you know it’s just right around the corner… you’ve dropped subtle (or not so subtle hints), about the type of ring you’re in love with, and it’s a very exciting time! You just know he’s going to pop the question very soon. That’s terrific! We’re happy for you both!

Of course, you really want to get started with your planning and you already picked the “perfect” venue; you’ve already begun to move forward in the planning process, but let us respectfully advise you:

You. Don’t. Know. What. You. Don’t. Know.


Now we don’t want to burst your bubble with our proverbial pin, but we do want you to just stop and breathe a minute! Planning can be overwhelming; it’s an actual puzzle. And there’s a piece missing that you will have one heck of a time finding and fitting, because you’ve never planned a wedding before.

Emotion. Excitement. Foreward movement; you’ve read “this blog”, you’ve read that site…oh, Dear! You rush out. Buy a dress. But wait: are you marrying in a church? Outdoors? In the Winter? In the Summer in Phoenix (prices are better that time of the year, after all)?

You fall in love with a particular Pin on Pinterest and realize it’s a stylized photo-shoot from a magazine. No matter. You HAVE to have those chairs; that linen, that chandelier and that beautiful floral ceremony backdrop and all in your own parents’ backyard. Oh. What’s the weather contingency? You need to hire a Bartender to serve? You have to choose wedding event professionals; but your Mom says you have to use your cousin as your DJ; that, and more. Where to turn?


And then…. the real Budget number shows up and you hit the Brakes. Stymied. Confused. Dissapointed. Why is this so hard?! You wish you had real answers and a real understanding of how to put this puzzle together; but that website and that book store planner/calendar you’ve invested in, it doesn’t have an 800 number for someone to call and ask questions of….well, here’s the piece you’re missing: Prep2wed

3 World-Class Wedding Planners who’ve come together to educate you on the entire wedding planning process. That’s right: In one 4-hour workshop, we’ll break it all down for you…where and how to start; where and how to spend your wedding funds by using a proven and solid budgeting system. How to decide the look you and your Mr. want, and more!

See, it’s a process…


(L-R, Zoë, Janet and Michelle)

Know from Step #1 how to work that process; how to choose the perfect day in every regard for you and your families. We can help; we’ve done it for years and we will willingly share our expertise with you. How?

With discussion, Q & A; Documents designed especially for every area of the day and you might even choose to work with us and through our Virtual Planning Scheduler if you end up with “Bride Brain” during the weeks or months leading up to your big day.

Listen. We love Wedding Planners and we believe every Bride needs and deserves one, but if you’re not going to use a planner for whatever reason (or even if you are); if you really are desirous of being a DIY Bride, then we’re your first stop; or, as one Venue Coordinator put it: “….you should be the next step for every engaged Bride”.

Prep2wed will assist in educating you as the engaged couple (or you and your Mom or you and your Bestie!), on how to plan your wedding day.

Invest in your education; you’ve got one shot! We believe you can actually enjoy your day and the planning process, as well.

We look forward to being with you!

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